The World Bank: Measuring Knowledge Sharing

Supportive leadership    


How might we encourage leadership to set expectations on what learning means, how it fits into our work, and how we demonstrate progress?


Establish guiding frameworks for learning


The World Bank’s resource Becoming a Knowledge-Sharing Organization offers a simple, systematic guide to creating a knowledge-sharing practice in your organization. It shows how to build the enabling environment and develop the skills needed to capture and share knowledge gained from operational experiences to improve performance and scale up successes.

“If we understand knowledge sharing as a tool that is integrated into a project or process with the goal of improving it, then the success of the project or process serves as a proxy for the success of the knowledge sharing practices it employed.” On page 112 of this resource, The World Bank outlines a set of indicators that are commonly used in measuring the effectiveness of knowledge sharing. These can be used as benchmarks to be attained over a certain period of time.

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