About the Playbook

The Dynamic Learning Playbook is for programs and organizations seeking to learn more effectively. It presents a set of solutions and tools to address common learning challenges, drawing on original research and prototyping.

Much of the original content was developed in close collaboration with program partners in the Mastercard Foundation Rural and Agricultural Finance (RAF) portfolio, who recognize the value of learning as a means to achieve program objectives and drive a culture of continuous improvement within their work, and who have put in time and effort to understand the unique challenges and opportunities for learning within their programs.

Through our research with these partners, as well as a broader review of literature on the topics of organizational learning and knowledge management, we have recognized that many principles and challenges of organizational learning are not unique to the Mastercard Foundation portfolio partners. Our hope is that this Playbook will have broader use for organizations of all types, and particularly those working in the development or social impact spaces.


Thanks to our contributors

Special thanks to the pilot partners who contributed significant time and effort to enable development of the Playbook:

Thanks also to other organizations including Rural & Agricultural Finance Learning Lab partners who shared their experiences and ideas throughout the development of the Playbook:

And thanks to a number of individuals who shared their valuable insights on various learning topics:

Iris van der Velden, IDH

Jamie Anderson, CGAP

David Elliott, The Springfield Centre